November 21, 2006

     I just finished a 4 page sequel to an old favorite this morning entitled ‘Why It’s A Good Idea Not To Taunt Your Cuisinart’ about the horrible incomprehension of technology these days.  That essay puts book 5 at 119 pages with 31 or more to go!  It’s hard to believe that I’ve written almost a hundred pages in three months and I’m not going to question it for fear that I’ll jinx it. 

     After numerous attempts to post new information on the blogspot site, it looks like this may become the new permanent home for ‘Big Words I Know By Heart’ online, which is neither bad nor good.  Starting next week, Night Life will begin plugging this address instead of the old one so maybe it’s time for a change. 

     Uncle Hal promised me that he’d be posting last week’s reading and extended interview with myself and special guest star Alycia Ripley some time today, so keep checking back at www.powunclehal.com.  You can also click on the toolbar link on the right and it’ll take you to the same place. 

     This is the first day off in three weeks where I wasn’t up to my neck in side projects, so I’m going to piss about most of the day and be lazy.  I might set up two more radio interviews for the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled…


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