-if they can’t take a joke: final stretch!

November 23, 2006

Unfortunately for me, I have to do all the page numbers and headers for the final galley of my next book, -if they can’t take a joke.  In the process of going over the layout, though, I decided to make a retroactive decision on my new book format.  I dropped the poems.  This may come as great news to most and sad news for others, but they won’t be seeing the light of day in this book and they’ve been subsequently moved to a prose collection I’ve been tooling away on for the last year as a side project.  The book is still clocking in at 170 pages and the prose section was only 10 pages, so I’m sure that most of you won’t miss them.  The book seems more thematic and cohesive without them, and I’m sure that critics will treat it with more professional regard when it goes to print on April Fool’s Day in ’07.  I’ll keep you posted with preorder information the second I hear the word go from my new publisher, Trafford Books.  And not one to take a day off from working, I punched up the new Night Life review for both Ying’s Wings and The Buffalo Brewpub.  It’s  a double header review featuring Gregg Sansone.  I’m also doing the photo shoot today with photographer Shauna Seiler for the book cover and the inside head shot.  All work and no play gets things done ahead of schedule…

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