Wednesday (29th) Radio Appearance: Dialog with Scott Leffler

November 26, 2006

     This Wednesday, I’ll be returning to the studios of 1340 AM (WLVL) for a guest appearance on ‘Dialog with Scott Leffler’, a one hour talk show with call ins from listeners.  I’m not positive what time it starts, but I’ll be at the studio at 11 am, so I’m assuming that we go on the air at 11:30 AM.  Make sure to tune in and call in if you have the time.  I’m really looking forward to this as an hour is a long time to do schtick, ad lib, and plug the books, the column, and hopefully by Wednesday, the buffalo.com blog.  Make sure to stop back to the Big Words site here on Monday for the new Night Life column info and last week’s Night Life reprints right on schedule.  Since I’m battling some mutant form of insomnia today, I decided to do some work on my long term poetry book.  It’s starting to take shape as something really different.  Fans tell me that they like the essays even though they don’t normally read and hopefully when this prose book is done people will tell me that they liked the poems even though they hate poetry.  Time will tell. 

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