Rest in Pieces, Blogger!

December 7, 2006

After weeks of trying to post with failures and glitches to the left and right of me, I decided to dismantle the original Big Words web site on blogger and set up shop here for the writing info and on the new YourHub site for local flavor, dish, and multiple pics.  I assure you that I’ll be staying here and on YourHub indefinitely, so please visit and post as many comments as you like.  I’ve spent the last two days layering the YourHub site and once the content is cherry, I will most likely do our regular Monday updates here and new and different updates on YourHub on Wednesdays.  The cross pollination traffic has been phenomenal so far, and my first post over there racked up fifty hits in the first day!  This is big news for a blog site, so this could open a lot of doors for me locally and nationally.  Rot in hell, blogger!  You’re outdated, you suck, and I will no longer be wasting my time and energy on your outdated engine.  Long live wordpress and YourHub!


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