The Close Of Another Classic Trilogy: Perpetual Money 3!

January 7, 2007

One of my most popular literary sequels has finally come to a close: Perpetual Money.  The series about the commandments of club and bar dating has always been a dear favorite of mine and fans alike, and Friday it hit me like a freight train: why not close out the trilogy with rules on how to be an effective and succesful Wingman?  Three weeks ago Steve (the bartender at Applebee’s on Delaware Ave. near Kenmore in Buffalo) christened me Wingman Of The Year after I told him the story about inviting the entire staff of beautiful women at Salon On The Avenue out to our Tuesday Karaoke nights at Desiderio’s in Lancaster.  The seed was planted.  Aside from ‘The Decline and Fall Of Western Animation’, nothing has given me more passion and ammunition than the hustle and bustle of singles dating in the club world.  We’re a natural fit.  Yesterday and today, I pounded out the final ten commandments on club dating as they relate to the Wingman.  You won’t see it in book form for a long time as it’s going in to ‘Crass Menagerie’, but I’m sure I can find a way to impart the essay to you via other means in the mean time…


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