Zodiac/Fincher work continues in earnest

January 10, 2007

Unlike my Bret Easton Ellis piece, I continue to labor away on my bio for director David Fincher with few breaks.  Unfortunately, I’ve tapped out any and all internet resources and it looks like no one has gone on a promotional or magazine junket to garner attention for Finch’s new film, ‘Zodiac’ (the title of which was going to be changed to ‘The Chronicles’ due to a similar film but wasn’t for some reason).  I’ve pitched the interview to most of the larger publications in town but this hasn’t gotten me any closer to interviewing Fincher yet, and trying to track down a phone number or email address for Fincher has given me nothing but dead ends so far.  I’ve digested anything and everything Fincher that I could get my grubby hands on in the last three months and I still don’t feel as if I have enough information to put a new twist on a critique.  I guess I’m a perfectionist after breaking my teeth in on the Philip Seymour Hoffman article and my Ellis opus.  If anyone out there has any information on either Fincher’s work or contacting the director, well, directly, please email me at my mailbag address (bigwordsmailbag@yahoo.com).  The man is a giant to me and after interviewing Ellis and Mike Carey he is my next target.  I won’t give up until I have him on the other end of a phone line, so I’d really appreciate some divine providence, here…


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