F%#*K You Very Much, Time Warner Cable!

January 14, 2007

     After only being in Buffalo for a few months, Time Warner has already worn out their welcome with me.  After multiple internet outages and a billing error on their end (a check pulled from my girlfriend’s account A WEEK AGO and they shut the cable off for non payment this week resulting in no cable tv for the last three days), we decided after three prolonged phone calls from customer service reps who had no clue what was going on and couldn’t lift a finger to help us because it was up their asses that we were going to switch to Direct TV for half the price for our hd cable with dvr and Verizon Broadband for all of our internet needs.  Time Warner is fucked, and honestly, without mincing words here, they can go fuck themselves off a short pier.  Keeping our service with them was like the difference between getting analy jail raped by the Aryans or the Crips when you’re doing a spell in the joint.  Both our painful, and both gangs are going to steal your lunch money and leave you bleeding, so why bother.  Fuck off, Time Warner.  Try and sue me and I’ll fucking wreck your lives and make your stay in Buffalo a living hell.  Eat my ass with a melon baller, you soulless, half witted fuckwits…


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