Big Words Site Hits the 1,000 unique hit mark!

January 22, 2007

While this isn’t one of the big time sites, I’m proud and pleased to report that today we hit the 1,000 unique hit mark after three months.  That breaks down to about 333 hits per month, which isn’t shabby.  Thanks to all of you who not only come to the site and read my egotistical meanderings but also those of you who visit every week without fail.  Make sure to tell all your friends and if you have your own site, please give me a link back.  I’ve heard crazy numbers thrown up in the air by peers and other media outlets about thousands of links a day, but show me the money!  How many sites have a hit counter right up on the board so that we know as surfers what’s bullshit and what’s not?  I practice what I preach, and I’d rather stand behind 1,000 genuine hits than pie in the sky numbers, projected demographics and other lies.  Again, thank you.  It’s always a bumpy ride with me and I thank you all for riding shot gun.  Keep reading, keep clicking, and tell a friend.  If you give me a link on your site, I’ll throw some props up here.  There’s no greater publicity than word of mouth, and that’s where you come in.  Here’s to the next 10,000 hits,

Tom Waters

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