Zodiac arrives, Rooftop Poetry Club slaps up a profile for Yours Truly…

March 4, 2007

     I was so pumped to see David Fincher’s new film ‘Zodiac’ yesterday that I took the day off from work and went to one of the first shows of the day before noon.  Clocking in at over two and a half hours, it’s not for everyone, and I hope that viewers won’t walk into the movie hoping for another ‘SE7EN’, because there are very few comparisons.  For film buffs, though, ‘Zodiac’ is a masterpiece.  Some have called it Fincher’s homage to ‘All The President’s Men’ (one of Finch’s all time favorites), others have called it Fincher’s JFK, but I think it’s the first in a new era of films for the director who doesn’t have to prove a goddamned thing to anyone anymore; not the critics, not the studios, and certainly not to the viewer.  He is telling a gripping and fascinating real life story at his own pace that is captivating and enthralling and spellbinding all at once.  I heard a few people bitching about the running time on the way out, and that’s tough nooky for them.  Titanic was a goddamned fifteen hour movie that I still refuse to watch.  If you know anything about great directors or great movies you’ll check it out.  I plan on seeing it four or five more times during it’s theater run and the last film I saw in theaters was ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’.  I knew my Bret Easton Ellis critique was done when I reached a point in my research where I was physically sick of reading about him and felt like I knew the man back to front.  It’s going to be a little while before I get there with Finch.  I’m in no hurry to finish this bio but I expect to wrap it up some time around year’s end. 

     And a short note about Buffalo State College’s Rooftop Poetry Society appearance in April.  They’ve made me a member of their club (thanks to my alumni status) and were kind enough to throw a profile up on their site with a pic, a bio, a rant and two poems.  I almost feel legitimized!  Collegiate, even!  Heavens to mergatroids!  Check it out at the link below:


      In case you weren’t sure, the Buffalo State appearance in April is open to the public as well as the students and faculty, so all are invited to attend.  Scroll down to my April calendar for more details.  I also buttoned up two library appearances in April and May along with another concert in May at Club W downtown on Delaware near Chippewa and a double bill with poet Carrie Spadter at Cafe Caz somewhere in South Buffalo.  I’d give you the dates but I might as well amend the appearance calendar in a few week’s time once I feel like I’ve hit a satisfactory amount of publicity events.  That’s all for now.   Talk to you Monday,

Tom Waters 


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