The Puma Swede Directive

March 10, 2007


Yesterday, I happened to set up an interview with six foot blond bombshell and adult film star Puma Swede.  It was more by luck than hard work and determination, but it looks like I’ll be speaking with the blue eyed European some time next week after she’s done with her show at Pharoah’s in Buffalo.  I went out with some of the boys last night to see her act and I have to say, I was impressed.  Just when I think I’ve seen it all, the three minute mile is beaten.  She signed my photo out to ‘Todd’, so we’ll have to work on that.  I’m horrible with names, too.  Most of you know that I’m no stranger to adult film stars and Puma easily makes my Top Five of all time somewhere among Christy Canyon, Jenna Jamison, Jill Kelly and Niki Blonde.  It’s going to be an honor and a pleasure to speak with the young upstart regarding her films and her personal life.  Look for the interview some time in the future in Acid Logic as well as Night Life magazine…


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