Fincher Forever!

June 3, 2007

You may think that I forgot or gave up on my David Fincher bio, but rest assured that I’m still tooling away on it.  The Microsoft Works document currently looms at 17 pages (the majority of which are Works Cited, references, a filmography, and annotated notes on each film and era in the director’s life in 10 pt. font).  The project is getting gigantic, but with Zodiac due to arrive on DVD on July 24th and the possibility of Benjamin Button coming out as early as next year, I’d rather not have the piece rendered obsolete the month after I write it.  These are exciting times for fans of the director, and it’s nice to see him come out of a 5 year hiatus in the director’s chair swinging.  I’m also hanging on to the remote possibility that I can a)track Fincher down via phone or email and b)get a well researched interview out of him.  I would really, really like to bookend this critique with an interview, so if any of you know how to reach Fincher, I’d greatly appreciate any help you could offer.  He remains one of my heroes, and I certainly wouldn’t be putting this much time and effort into legacy as a filmmaker if he wasn’t.  I’m itching to complete the critique, but as it stands, we’ll all have to wait awhile.  I also found a very comprehensive site online today regarding Fincher.  Of all the online resources I’ve exhausted thus far, these are the two sites that seem to offer the most information (for those interested):




     That’s all I’ve got for today.  After submitting about a thousand poems to five million different publications and researching ‘Finch’ this morning, it’s time for a nap.  I’ll see you all tomorrow for the Monday update!


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