Heroes Review in Today’s Gusto/Acid Logic ‘Best Of’ Issue

June 9, 2007

    Whelp, my Club Watch review on Heroes went in today and I hope that the bar is happy with the results.  I tried to walk a fine line between describing the bar as a hellhole along with explaining how hellholes have a certain charm.  That’s the beauty of Heroes.  Much like Neitsche’s, The Old Pink, and Bobby McGee’s, nobody gives a shit about the decor; they show up for the raunchy stores, the rock bottom shots and the fantastic experiences that you only get at places like Heroes.  At any rate, the review is in today…

And Wil Forbis (editor in chief over at Acid Logic) has injured his hand, so he ran a ‘best of’ issue this month online with a vintage interview I did with local cartoonist Jason Yungbluth (Deep Fried).  I wish him a quick recovery and if you haven’t seen it before, feel free to click over to:


 Since the interview with Yungbluth in 2002, he’s moved out to Rochester and continues to gain a faithful following with his outrageous comics.  We still keep in touch, but not as often as I’d like.  And I promise I’ll post the full version of ‘Butch & Twig’ tomorrow, so check on back!

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