So Much For A Writing Vacation/’Tearing Through Kerouac’ accepted at Silent Actor web zine!

July 15, 2007

For someone who vowed to stop writing for awhile, I’ve spent a lot of this week writing.  After getting caught up on the YourHub blog, I used the majority of my morning off today bringing things up to speed as far as the Buffalo Anthology project submissions go.  After reviewing the latest round of works from new writers, I tooled around on the manuscript, sent out some acceptance letters and requested some short bios.  The anthology alone could be a full time job, but I like the way it’s shaping up.  You can view the newest list of accepted authors over at the official anthology site by clicking on:


 Once I took care of the various emails and manuscript retools, I punched up the Club Watch review for Al-E-Oops, the assignment Lindsay and I headed out to last night.  Since it’s a paying gig, I’m not about to lose ground there from a six to eight month absence. 

And finally, I went over some plugs with Susan Marie (who will be interviewing me later this month for her ‘This Is Not An Apple’ show on Think Twice Radio) and got a response back from Silent Actor web zine, a new start up prose magazine (online and in print) that’s focusing on experimental poetry.  While they liked both submissions, they decided to run with ‘Tearing Through Kerouac’, an exposition on how poetry’s affected me over the course of a lifetime.  They already posted it up online at:


So let me know what you think!  With three ambitious projects (the Buffalo anthology, Slapstick & Superego, and the two Breathing Room collections), I think I may have to rethink each specific book release as putting them out simultaneously would be a surefire recipe for complete collapse.  Who knew that taking a break from writing would involve so much goddamned writing? 

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