Monday Big Words Update! Week 36 on stands, ‘epitaph’ accepted at Metromania magazine!

July 30, 2007

After realizing that there were five Mondays in July, I rushed ‘Flowers For Puck…Love, Algernon’, a categorical essay about reality shows from First Person, Last Straw that’s been picking up renewed interest lately.  Some time tomorrow, I’ll send out the next bach of rants for Night Life for the month of August.  Since my partially voluntary block is still in tow, I’m thinking of trolling through the ancient archives for some classics. 

In other news, ‘epitaph’ (one of the poems from Breathing Room) was recently accepted for the August issue of Metromania magazine.  It’ll be appearing in their new issue on or around August 15th, so click over there in a few weeks at:


It’s funny how I can go four to six months without writing so much as a limerick on a cocktail napkin and things keep getting accepted from blind submission rampages months prior.  That’s all I’ve got for you this week, so race out there and pick up the new issue of Night Life!

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