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Tuesday Big Words Update! Week 63 on stands, Florida here I come!

February 5, 2008

Monday came and went this week, which means that there’s a new issue of Night Life magazine on stands with a brand new installment of ‘Big Words I Know By Heart’.  In honor of my trip to Frostproof, Florida (which I took around the exact same time last year) to visit my parents, Night Life will be publishing ‘St. Peter’s Waiting Room’, my travelog from the previous visit which was, until now, previously unpublished.  Clocking in at 13 pages, I’m splitting it up in four parts throughout the month.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  It’s an unabashed look at senior citizens, Super Wal Marts and good Southern food.  As I’ll be on vacation, I won’t be checking in next Monday, so I’ll speak to you all in about two weeks.  Scoop up a Night Life while it’s out! 

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