Cutting Room Floor: The rest of the Pour House review

May 2, 2008

My review on the Pour House in Hamburg hit today in the Club Watch section of the Gusto and my editor (who does a damned good job at editing my pieces) omitted a significant amount of the original draft.  A friend of mine called me up to let me know that it was in, and that it seemed like a portion of the review was gone since the review seemed to skip straight to a conclusion.  Now I can understand why some of my less than flattering reviews are polished so as not to offend too much.  But here we are.  I wouldn’t go back to the Pour House if someone paid me to, so I’ll show you some of the critiques and paragraphs that didn’t make it into the final cut.  Keep in mind that none of these sentences went to print in the finished version:

Scene: A sports bar for the upper-middle class….

…In situations with unruly patrons, I always wonder if they’re friends with the owners or if their money is more valuable than the casual walk-ins that they drive away from the bar permanently…

…A gentleman in his mid to late ’30s ambled up to the cougars with a pea-green PGA baseball hat and if it wasn’t abundantly obvious, we were strangers in a strange land. A 50 year old man in a Bill’s jersey hob-knobbed with some of the other bar folk and the second quarter of the Sabres game concluded…

…While everyone’s experience is subjective, I can’t see the average club goer walking in for the first time and having a positive, memorable experience there…

…Our bartender was friendly and attentive, but we won’t be coming back…

     If you take some of these comments and put them within the context of the article, they paint a slightly more sinister picture of our experience.  In the year and a half that I’ve written the Club Watch reviews, I’ve only panned three bars out of something like 35 or 36, so I don’t shoot to kill unless I’ve got a good reason.  If this is something you as readers find interesting, let me know and I’ll run some more installments in the future.  If it’s more information than you need and you could really care less, that’s understandable too.  Leave me some comments and I’ll react accordingly. 



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