Too Cool To Keep A Lid On: Alex Robinson Booked For Big Words Radio!

June 4, 2008

Like most of my more notable celebrity interviews in the past, I went out on a limb while I was reading Alex Robinson’s Tricked (2005, Top Shelf Productions) and contacted him about a possible guest spot on my new radio show.  A few weeks ago, I just finished Box Office Poison (2001, Top Shelf), loved it and had to read more.  While most people would read a 608 page graphic novel and take a break, I’m like a pit bull with good comic writers/artists.  I tend to sink my teeth in and look for everything else.  Fortune smiled, because he’s got a new book coming out this summer that he’s actively promoting, Too Cool To Be Forgotten.  Alex will be phoning in for an interview in August, filling my dance card for the first three shows.  For more information on Alex Robinson, some free short comics and his live journal, click on over to:


Guests one and two will remain a mystery for the time being, but they’re booked.  You better believe they’re booked.  I did let the cat out of the bag on an earlier YourHub comment response, but if you’re that curious, you can find it yourself.  I’d like to leave some of this up to the element of surprise.  So that covers my studio schedule through August and I have two local celebrities waiting in the wings for September and October.  While I don’t want to focus solely on spotlighting buddies of mine or interviewing celebrities, I’m going to try and balance it out as I go along.  Rich is also going to be doing a five minute film with yours truly in July for his ‘five minute video’ series.  God help us all.     


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