Monday Big Words Update! Week 87 on stands, whoops!

July 21, 2008

     July (in general) has been a confusing month.  For those of you who picked up Night Life last week, ‘On Spec’ was not the essay that ran.  Towards the end of June, I sent out my four-column package to Christy (who deals with the layout and structure of the magazine).  Then, at the very, very end of the month, I changed my mind.  In light of Buffalo Rising taking a pass on ‘Taking The Super Right Back Out Of Superintendant’, I wanted to get it up in print somewhere while the iron was still hot, so I asked her to work it in to Week 2 (if you never got to see it, it’s still up over on my YourHub site in the ‘Stories’ section and it’s rounding out at about 500 site hits). 

     And, after a poor experience at an exotic club, I wrote a post for week 3 and asked Christy to run that.  Upon cooling down, I emailed Christy and flip-flopped a third time, asking if she’d run the original week 3 essay (‘On Spec’).  Confusing?  Yes.  Did I want last week’s column to run?  No.  Luckily, she buried the column all the way in the ‘adult’ section at the very back of the magazine.  I really didn’t want that article to go in, but I can understand why it accidentally went in. 

     At any rate, this week’s issue of Night Life is bringing the heat with ‘The Importance Of Being Neurotic’ (from the upcoming Slapstick & Superego), a serious look at my lifelong appreciation for one-on-one therapy.  Since I started seeing a therapist again, I figured it was topical.  Well, for me at least.  While some people think that seeing an analyst is pretty private, I think it’s one of the healthiest things in the world that anybody could do.  Read for yourself in the pages of Night Life this week….

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