Scenes From An Italian Restaurant: Desiderio’s on Podcast!/Site Hit Record Broken & Doubled!

July 31, 2008

As of right now, episode II of Big Words Radio is up online and ready for downloading, ipoding and streaming audio in broadband and dialup.  I talk with Jay Desiderio (one of the owners of my favorite restaurant in the world) about panties in ficus trees, pricing, the economy, the theater and his lifetime passion for cuisine.  I also fire off on Sloan-heads, air a five minute clip with my Uncle Dick.  It was a good night.  Give it a listen yourself over at:
Many thanks to Jay Desiderio for being such an entertaining and lovable guest, Richard Wicka (as always) for being a wunderkind producer, and to my Uncle Dick for jumping at the chance to tell a story about my old man back in the old days.  Let me know what you think, Big Words fans!
I’m also ecstatically pleased to announce that the Big Words web site has reached a new hit record.  For the first time in almost a year and a half, the site exceeded it’s original all time high of 107 unique site hits, doubled and kept going! 
The final tally for Wednesday was 264 unique views.  That’s a pretty big deal.  Here’s to hoping that all of you come back and stick around for the fun.  Now that Buffalo Rising has fascistically seen fit to block my IP from offering my opinion on their drivel, you’ll just have to park your ass here if you need your fix.  Thanks so much for helping me to hit this new and momentous milestone.  I’m looking forward to the ride ahead!


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  2. Tom

    I am dying reading your tirade against the menopausal bitch , get her back on her leash etc, that was totally buffalonian and inspiring. I have had my own battles with same sort of estrogenocracy except they were with my daughter’s private school and one of them was a nun who resembles George Goebel in cat glasses. My rants are documented on Justice4claire.com and I believe we share a similar Easter 1916 GPO style of verbal warfare. I will give my brain a night of rest then proceed to log in at B-lo Sinking and have a little re-con session. My kid is still kicked out but I have managed to kick some of their stuffing out along the way. Peace



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