Monday into Tuesday Update! Episodes 4 & 5 of Big Words Radio Up online/Acid Logic, etc.

August 12, 2008

After a productive weekend and an exhausting Monday, there are two new brilliant and completely offensive episodes of Big Words Radio.  This is a new frontier: The Big Words Radio Show: The Mobile One Man Unit!  On Saturday, I borrowed Richard’s Marantz digital recorder and taped my Uncle Dick Lobdell’s private country and western concert along with interviewing/lambasting my sweet darling Auntie Linda.  If you aren’t offended within ten minutes of listening to either show, then you’re just not listening to ten minutes of either show!  We had a blast, so click on over (and start with Episode Four first) at:


     If you liked the first 3 episodes, then you’re going to love 4 & 5!  Find out what ‘anniversary butt sex’ is all about once and for all!  

     Furthermore, Wil Forbis (my longtime editor at Acid Logic) was more than happy to publish my Alex Robinson interview in its entirety along with a new piece I wrote specifically for Acid Logic that I didn’t even have to revise ten times!  Check out ‘Good Grief and Tremendous Flops: The Alex Robinson interview’ over at:


and ‘Frank Miller Can Blow Me!’ at:


That’s all I’ve got for today.  After typing up fifty pages of even more new poems, my arms need a break before I’m left with shrivelled claws for hands.  Take care and tune into the show!

Tom Waters


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