Big Words Radio Episode 25: ‘A Voice Made For Television’ with Greg Sterlace!

December 25, 2008

Ho ho Oh!,
    After a holiday meal with producer Richard Wicka, co-host Josh Smith and ‘close, personal friend’ Jim Pray at the Home Of The Future, we strapped ourselves down in the studio and brought back-up guest Greg Sterlace off the bench for a show that was much funnier than I thought it was while we were recording it.  Here’s your Christmas Eve synopsis:
Episode 25: A Voice Made For Television
Tom speaks with last-minute yuletide guest Greg Sterlace and his Ventroliquist Yoko Paula to discuss their About Schmidt-esque road-trip sojourn between massive gaps of dead air. Author, poet and performer Josh Smith (co-hosts) on Christmas Eve as he typically only celebrates Boxing Day and Kwanza.
    Consider this episode an early Christmas gift!  Surf on over to:
 for the full hour of holiday sneer!  Many thanks to Josh for understanding the difference between comedy and actual racism, Greg and Paula for suffering our slings and arrows, and Rich for putting up with me for 25 episodes now!  Great job, gang! 
    Greg and I will be doing another episode out of studio tomorrow with a slightly different skew, so you can tune into that one some time around Friday or later.  Both Suckerpunch shows are complete, so look out for them before the week is out.  I’ll drop you all a line as always once they’re up on Think Twice.  Happy holidays and have a great Christmas Day,

Tom Waters

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