Monday Big Words Update! More Sterlace Love…Another Turn Of The Glass…

December 30, 2008


I am so goddamned glad that this year is almost over that I can’t even express it in words. The last six months have been hell in a handcart and in my experience, life kicks me in the ass every seven years. This one’s almost over and the kharma chain had damned well better hit the soft reset, because one man can only handle so much on his plate (even when half of it might be his fault). Two more days and we’re on to the next twelve months. I couldn’t be more relieved…

On Christmas Day, I went to see The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button with my little brother and even though it was three hours, I can’t wait to see it again. While everything Fincher has directed since Alien 3 has been near-perfect, this film was light years different in terms of style from Zodiac, his last tour de force. There’s a reason why everyone is predicting that it will blow the doors off of The Dark Knight at the Oscars. Because it will. I’m calling it right now: Even though most of you know how near and dear Dark Knight is to my heart, Button has a much broader appeal and Fincher has been long-overdue for a handful of the most sought-after trophies in Hollywood. Believe it, because it’s going to happen. That, and Oscar is known for his short-term memory, dead Australian or no dead-Australian.

After the film, I tried something new for the radio show. Greg Sterlace and myself did an hour and a half follow-up show via telephone and I recorded snippets of our conversation at random. I was a bit crocked by the end of the program, but decided to include the baby and the bathwater. The results were pretty funny. Here’s your snyopsis(s?):

Episode 26: The Big Words Xmas/Chanakuh/Kwanza/Boxing Day Extravaganza Happy Fun Time Hour!
Tom slurs through the phone after seven drunken hours with his little brother and an opening day viewing of Benjamin Button to talk movies, the Jewish tradition of seeing movies on Christmas Day, and to discern (and re-discern) the reason why Greg Sterlace fled from Buffalo, the city that made him a worldwide icon.

And the bonus round:

Bonus Round: Wherein our humble host blacks out and somehow manages to keep attacking the Honorable Gregory Sterlace, his comely girlfriend Paula and any race, creed or color his pickled brain can lock on to for more than thirty seconds.

Check ‘em both out (along with the previous studio show with Greg and co-host Josh Smith) over at:



I know I promised to have both of Sucker Punch’s shows up by now, but I like to bookend multiple shows and my producer and I have been having some issues and learning curves with uploading items on Filezilla. I see no reason why they won’t be up by the end of this week and I’ll drop you all a line the second they’re up on the site for your listening pleasure. Sorry, Suckerpunch! I’d rather have both shows intact side by side than pop them up willy nilly. I hope you understand.

Aside from assignments and a part-time job that’s been hardening me up and chewing up some of the time I’ve grown accustomed to spending writing and freelancing, I’ll be working on punching up a Final Call For Submissions for the Just Buffalo Anthology that Alycia Ripley and myself have been toiling away on and setting on the back burner in turns. This will give us one calendar year to wrap it up and set it loose by the spring of 2010. It seems like a long ways away, but if next year is anything like this one, I won’t have five minutes of down time for the foreseeable future.

And finally (for now), the new issue of Night Life assaults your free paper stands in Buffalo and Canada today with my final column for 2008, entitled ‘The 7 Year Bitch: Good Riddance, 2008!. It basically explores the majority of the metaphysical bitch-slaps I’ve had to deal with while holding my sanity together this year. Again, thank god it’s almost over.

That’s all I have time for today. Without the benefit of a time machine or a stop watch that puts everything outside of my study dead in it’s tracks, this is the best I can do with what little recreational time I have. Talk to you all on Wednesday with some more great Quixote Wednesday scoop,

Tom Waters


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