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Big Words Radio Episode 32: A Word In Spanish With Alexis Amore!

February 26, 2009
What a show!
    We wrapped in the studio last night after a captivating hour with adult film star and Peruvian import Alexis Amore.  Thanks are in order to Alexis, producer Richard Wicka and co-host Alie for taking the time to be part of one of the best show’s yet!  Big Words Radio just keeps getting bigger and better and you’ve all got a front row seat.  Here’s your synopsis:
2/25/09 Big Words I Know By Heart Episode 32: A Word In Spanish With Alexis Amore!
Tom and co-host Alie talk to busty Peruvian hottie Alexis Amore about the industry, simulated orgasms for the listener’s enjoyment, and the amount of research everyone invested into this episode beforehand.
    Tune in over at the Think Twice intraweb site and keep clicking back as national recording artist Lenny Revell’s ‘parter of two’ should be popping up some time within the next week.  The moment both of Revell’s shows are online, you’ll all be the first to know. 
    And don’t forget, adult film star Sara Jay is on deck for the next in-studio date on Wednesday, March 25th!  I’ve got some other phenomenal guests planned for future shows, but I don’t want to tip my hand too soon and I’d rather not jinx them.  A lot of work goes into each program and the behind-the-scenes labor involved factoring in phone calls, research, questions, and the general prospectus and theme of each show.  Trust me when I say that the next studio guest after March (if it works out) is a pioneer in his field. 
    Thanks for listening and feel free to click over directly at the link provided!
Have a great week!
Tom Waters

Alternative Thinking

February 25, 2009

In light of recent events, I thought I’d approach the subject of homosexuality. It’s a topic that (as an essayist), I’ve always wanted to weigh in on but haven’t had the proper context to discuss it with. Until now. I didn’t want to approach it from the wrong angle and risk offending people where this lifestyle is concerned because it’s not an issue to take a waffling opinion on or an essay that can be written with my usual screwball demeanor. After 33 years, I think I’m finally ready to write about the gay and lesbian culture in a way that properly explains my position.

Despite what many may think, I support the gay and lesbian subculture wholeheartedly for a number of reasons. For starters, the odds of two people finding each other on this planet, falling in love and making each other happy are infinitesimal enough as it is. If two people can find each other and help take a little agony and hardship out of each other’s lives by doing so, then what the hell is wrong with that? To take it one step further, if those two people are consenting adults and they happen to be the same gender, why should it be a big issue? Happiness is one of the most limited resources we have and it’s in far shorter supply than natural gas, coal, diamonds or any other known quantity in the universe. Call me pessimistic in thinking that way, but look at modern day relationships and prove me wrong.

We live in a world rife with climbing divorce rates, spousal abuse, infidelity, failed marriages that soldier on for the sake of children born within (and out of) wedlock, rampant pedophilia nationwide, co-dependant pairings that end in mutual self destruction, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, entire families destroyed by alcoholism, and five billion other maladies that occur intentionally (or by accident) when two people join into a relationship, move in together, or walk down the aisle together. There’s a strong possibility that gay and lesbian couples may actually be capable of teaching us how to maintain a healthy relationship with another person without letting it fall apart at the seams over the duration of the partnership. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

The very notion that same-sex relationships are wrong, forbidden, or singled out by any society in terms of progress is flat-out ridiculous. Quoting the Bible isn’t going to win any amens on my end, either, because the majority of the tenants brought down in the Old Testament were guidelines for health or complete crocks of shit. If you want to take up that argument with me, consider the possibility that perhaps sodomy was taboo over two thousand years ago for disease and health reasons rather than morality issues. It’s been postulated that the removal of Pork from the Jewish religion was set forth as a dietary guideline, so it’s not that far out of the ball park to claim that homosexuality was singled out for the sake of propagating a growing species and avoiding death by disease. A million other religious postulations have been overturned, thrown out or forgotten by organized religion and this is a belief that should have gone out a long time ago with the others. So take your scripture where this is concerned, roll it up and shove it in your mouth, because I don’t want to hear it.

If anything, we’re more overpopulated as a species than we have ever been, so from a survivalist standpoint as living organisms, it’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world that some men and women are pairing off with each other with no desires or plans to have children of their own. If our planet didn’t have so many inhabitants, we wouldn’t be running out of natural resources at the unnerving rate that we are, not to mention the fact that many committed same sex couples adopt, so on a very large scale, they’re helping straight people out on multiple levels. If heterosexual couples the world over used protection more often or made the decision not to have more than two children total (replacing only themselves from a mathematical standpoint), our resources would be in much better shape. There is no logical reason why couples should have four, five or eight children when you consider our survival and our evolution going forward as a species and same sex couples are helping a great deal where this is concerned.

No one can blame the disintegration of the nuclear family as an ideal on homosexuals because as a former value ideal, the breakdown is a hell of a lot more systemic than that and we’re all to blame, and who’s to say it’s an issue that’s deserving of blame? We have evolved and splintered and our culture has made room for multiple variations and alternate options in addition to the nuclear family. Single parent families. Same sex marriages with or without children. Children raised by their grandparents instead of their biological parents. These are all variations on a core value that’s no longer the standard to the way life really is. Hanging on to an ideal that doesn’t apply overall anymore is a losing battle and it’s best just to accept that we have more alternatives to growing older with our without a significant other and/or children of our own.

We’re also well aware some twenty years later that AIDs was not created or perpetuated by the gay and lesbian community. Heterosexuals have done more than their share of spreading this fatal disease since it was discovered and any theories to the contrary are false from a scientific standpoint. If anything (from personal experience), I’ve seen more cases of straight men willfully and maliciously spreading the virus without telling their partners than any other subsection of our culture. I would almost assume (based on the free programs and availability of protection within the subculture) that gays and lesbians are more protective and more sensible where the AIDs virus is concerned.

And I can understand (but wonder why) there’s a double standard where gays and lesbians are concerned. A lesbian lifestyle is held up on a pedestal in American pornography, marketing, advertising and in popular music as a fantasy designed for men’s enjoyment while gay men (on the other side of the coin) are often the victims of hate crimes, school hazing incidents and other forms of homophobic cruelty. I’m not saying that lesbians aren’t also the victims of homophobic brutality that is one hundred percent avoidable, but on the whole, this is how the subculture appears from a heterosexual’s point of view in our society.

As far as the lesbian fantasy/myth, it is exactly that. Not all lesbian women wear lipstick and garter belts 24 hours a day in the event that a man is watching. Odds are that lesbian women really don’t give a shit what men are watching. It’s not wrong to find two women having sex appealing, but there is a strong difference between what we see in adult film and pop videos versus how lesbians actually live their lives. It’s called reality, and to a greater extent, a three dimensional lifestyle. White males still influence the landscape of modern advertising and marketing because their consumer buying power holds that much sway, but that might not last forever either. A hundred years from now the gender and the race controlling our advertising dollars could be a whole different ball game. That’s if we make it another hundred years.

As someone who is firmly entrenched in an artistic community of writers, poets, journalists, musicians and other creative types, it would be foolish for me to take any other kind of stance when it comes to same sex partnerships. I’m a Republican, but I’m not a Republican from the Stone Ages, for chrissakes. One of my best friends growing up told me that he was gay some time around high school. Many of the friends that I have (or have had) in my life have been gay or lesbian. I’m also an Elton John fanatic, so it would be hypocritical to take an anti-homosexual stance when it comes to the people I talk to, the friendships I have, or the beliefs that I defend.

I’ve honestly never had a problem with it, and often wonder if the people who are most homophobic might have personal issues of their own to resolve before they project them on other people, if you know what I mean. Assuming that every gay person is going to hit on you (as a man) or that every lesbian woman will attempt to convert you (if you’re a girl) is narcissistic and false. Gay and lesbian people are not sexual werewolves with no impulse control and it doesn’t work that way. You’re ’safe’, so don’t obsess about homosexuals going out of their way to convert you. They’re not Mormons and they don’t have a vested interest in intentionally growing the population by recruiting people who aren’t interested. Think about it.

Love is the bottom line where relationships are concerned whether it’s heterosexual or homosexual. If you love someone and they love you back, where is there a problem? There isn’t one, and it shouldn’t be for anyone else involved, either. End of discussion.

Off the fence on another argument,

Tom Waters



Monday Big Words Update! Chasing My Own Deadline To The Finish…

February 23, 2009

Another grueling, exhausting weekend. We’re going to make this quick because I’m pressed for time (again).
In light of my impending Big Words radio interview this Wednesday with adult film star Alexis Amore, Night Life hits stands today with my original ‘Found In Translation’ Puma Swede Interview. Grab a copy on stands and don’t forget to tune in to the Think Twice site late Wednesday night or early Thursday to catch all the insanity.
After a lot of editing and producing work on four hours worth of material, there are FOUR (count ‘em) new Monsters Of Verse shows up online over on the Think Twice Monsters site. Here are your synopses for those:
2/15/09 Monsters Of Verse 10: FYE Transit
Local comic writer/artist Kyle Kaczmarzcak (The Red Eye, Pulp) attempts the unthinkable by promoting his work for eleven continuous hours with Tom beginning at FYE Transit. Poet JR Finlayson discusses the intensive therapy it took to recover from his ’08 press junket as a founding Monster Of Verse.
(Bonus Round included)
2/15/09 Monsters Of Verse 11: ‘Tom’s Atomic Poetry Kegger Cliff-Hanger! (pt.I)’
After spending the afternoon at FYE Transit, Kyle Kaczmarzcak continues to expose himself to Tom’s insanity as they take their show down the road to Don’s Atomic Comics in Depew for a free beer promotion. In the spirit of cross-marketing, Part II can be found over on Tom’s pod cast site, Big Words I Know By Heart (also on Think Twice). Arrow over for the surprisingly violent conclusion!.
2/15/09 Monsters Of Verse 12: Talking Leaves Elmwood
Poets Anne Foster and Josh Smith share a round table discussion with local novelist Diane Meholick and Tom Waters on a Sunday afternoon at Talking Leaves. For the first time in months, poems are recited for a pod cast show that was intended to have more readings than appearances. Irony!.2/15/09 Monsters Of Verse 13:    
2/20/09 Borders Books And Music in Orchard Park
Long time show biz friends Diane Meholick (Buffalo Stories, Painting Katherine) and Tom Waters schmooze their way through a Borders promotion by schlepping each other’s wares to unsuspecting Valentine’s Day book buyers and discussing the finer points of local and national folk music, among other things.
I also had the good fortune of recording one interview hour and one concert hour with national piano great Lenny Revell, who will be joining me on stage as part of the bill from 7 p.m. onward on Wednesday April 1st at Desiderio’s on Broadway for April Foolfest 2! This was the first time I’d ever met/heard Lenny play and he is without a doubt one of the most talented musicians in Buffalo, hands down. There’s a lot of post-production work to be done where his show is concerned, but I’ll let you all know the second it hit’s the web.
Don’t forget to check on back on Quixote Wednesday for some new information that will surprise and intrigue. This week’s curveball is a lot more shocking and unpredictable than anyone could have guessed! That’s all the time I have for today. Get caught up on all the radio shows by clicking your way over to:


Let The Dirty Carpet Bombing Begin!

February 21, 2009

Good news, comic book lovers!

For the last few weeks, Don, Ian, Brian Platter and myself have been building a new patch of real estate on the super-information off-ramp we call the intraweb. As of today, the site becomes a reality. If you steer yourself over to the official Don’s Atomic Comics web site, you can click on ’The Dirty Bomb’ and find dualing comic book reviews, comic related rants and engaging posts from Ian and myself. I’ve been a big fan of Ian’s Dirty Bomb over the last two years and the two of us decided to team up in classic superhero fashion and join forces to combine our readerships.

From here on out, those of you who have been following my graphic novel reviews over on Comics Bulletin will be able to read them days, even weeks in advance before they go up over there. Comics Bulletin has been very good to me in the last few months, but Don has been good to me for almost a decade, and we had a very appealing idea: share the reviews with the regulars I shop with. Long and short, that’s my goal on the site. I’m sure a lot of other things will happen as a result of the new site, and Ian and I are looking forward to the curveballs that will come across the plate.

For your convenience, I’ve posted a direct link here on the home page to the right along with the 5 million other direct links provided. There are two posts up already, so pop on in, read some exclusive content (!) and say hello!

We’re entering a brave new world and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Thanks again to Brian Platter of Six Shot Studios for doing the hard work by creating the site, Don for letting us set up shop on his official site, and to Ian for crossing swords with me yet again (in that way). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Don’s Atomic Comics is family to me. Now you get to meet my twin brother Ian. And read what he has to say on a semi-regular basis. Tread lightly, ladies and gentleman, and treat him with the same respect you’d treat me with. He’s an Irishman too, and I certainly wouldn’t pick a fight with him (or, for that matter, try to beat him when it comes to drinking good scotch), so keep that in mind. Ian is also a great writer, and I’ll be tuning in just as often as everyone else to read what he has to say.

I’ll wrap up there. Enough work for one Saturday morning! Click your way over to:


Big Words Radio Hour Episodes 30 & 31 Up Right NOW!

February 20, 2009
Hey folks!
Two new episodes of Big Words Radio are up and running on your worldwide superinformation off-ramp right this second!  Here are your ‘synospsi’:

Big Words Episode 30: ‘Tom’s Atomic Poetry Kegger Cliff-Hanger!’ (pt.II)
 Tom throws his first official Poetry Kegger at Don’s Atomic Comics in Depew.  Distilled spirits are consumed, comics are purchased, and a fight almost breaks out at the end of the clip.  This episode concludes Part I, which can be found by clicking on the Monsters Of Verse pod-cast show (which can also be found on the Think Twice Site).  This is what’s known as ’cross-promotion’.
Big Words Episode 31: ‘The Large Verbiage We’ve Shared Through Rote Activity Podcast’
 With a Democrat firmly entrenched in the White House, Thomas Waters and ’Full Head Of Luxurious Hair Michael’ attempt a show reformat that’s kindler, gentler, and a hell of a lot more liberal.  Guest Lindsay Waters upsets the new world order of things by bringing the content rating of the show from PG to NC-17. 
    I would STRONGLY recommend that you wait until Part I of the Tom’s Atomic Poetry Kegger show appears over on the Monsters Of Verse show site before diving head first into PT. II on my own site.  Just a suggestion, though, and odds are that you’re going to do whatever you want. 
    Tonight, I’ll be recording an back to back interview and concert shows with highly acclaimed musician Lenny Revell.  As soon as the shows are finished and posted, you’ll be the first group to know.  In the mean time, perk up your ears and click away over at:
    Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you all on Monday for your regularly scheduled Monday Update,
Tom Waters

Monday Big Words Update! A Boat Load Of New Shows On The Horizon…

February 16, 2009

This is going to be one of the shortest Monday Updates in recent memory as time is an issue today and not much has occurred…yet.

A new issue of Night Life magazine hit’s the stands today with ‘Barometric Pressure’, a very honest look at the nature and progress of my own bipolar disorder. I’m rarely this open with my readers (aside from the poetry books), so scoop it up if you want to catch a different side of me.

Borders last Friday was a great time with author Diane Meholick and we recorded the event for Monsters Of Verse pod casting purposes. Diane will be joining me again as a rotating guest Monster on Saturday, March 21st from 12-6 p.m. at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum for the 3rd annual Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. She’s a talented author and she was a joy to spend two hours with. You can catch our conversation soon on the Monsters Of Verse site on Think Twice Radio.

On Saturday, Lindsay, myself and ‘Luxurious Full Head Of Hair Michael’ recorded what will in all likelihood be the only episode of the ‘Large Verbiage We’ve Learned Through Rote Activity’ program. The Big Words format was completely reversed and after listening to the show with my buddy Ron, we were in stitches. Those unfamiliar with the previous 29 shows will have no goddamned idea what’s going on and will most likely turn the show off. Those of you who’ve heard some of the other shows will get what we’re doing and most likely piss yourselves laughing. The show isn’t up yet, but it will be very, very soon.

I spent Sunday editing and producing 6 hours worth of Big Words and Monsters shows and I’ll drop an update as soon as they’re all up. In total, there are 2 new Big Words shows and 4 Monsters pod casts going up THIS WEEK. That’s a lot of pod casting, folks.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Stay tuned for more information this week and don’t forget to tune back in for your regularly scheduled Quixote Wednesday update! Take care and have a great week,

Tom Waters


Bonus Valentine’s Poem! ‘Be Mine’

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

This is the first new poem I’ve written in about three months.  Odds are that it will go into my next poetry collection, Poke The Scorpion With A Sharp Stick, which is due out some time in late 2010 or early 2011.  Enjoy the holiday,

Tom Waters

Be Mine

Real Love

is 3 millimeters between our open eyes

(not so much scanning as)

taking in every speckle, fleck & dilation of the pupil

in naked adulation

or the closest thing to total understanding

that two people can have among each other.


the guerilla hug on the way out the door to work

an instinctive hand reaching for mine in our sleep

sharing a meal meant for one

sequestering ourselves from everyone else

just to be with each other

having a nap before or after bedroom elocutions

tracing the soft scent of skin

with my finger, nose or tongue

the hiccup of breath preceding a tear I anticipate the source of which is all thanks to me (and the fact of this brings about a horrid pall of shame and guilt I’m unfamiliar with)

your eyelids brushing my cheek when you wake

the comfortable feel of your ass with my hand

knowing every curve and bump and freckle and wrinkle and laugh line and chasm of sorrow on your body from back to front with my eyes closed and every embarrassing story, parable and anecdote about your life twice (most of them), the boys who hurt you and your parents who shaped you, the girls who hated you, or a world that changed us, found us, made us, dusted us off and dropped us into the same spot together so that we could find ourselves



Hers, His

Who fucking cares?

We made it

for now

we have one another

Today, tomorrow, next week

which makes the rest of it bearable

that has to be Real Love

or a facsimile


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