Monday Big Words Update! Light At The End Of The Tunnel

March 16, 2009

After a weekend of promotion, very serious progress on two different upcoming books and one of the best radio shows yet, I feel a) exhausted and b) like I’m getting somewhere. At a time when I should have had writer’s block and then some by now, I have quite the reverse. If anything, I can’t STOP writing. Even after a year of high production, ideas, essays, poems, reviews and other related creations keep pouring out and there’s no end in sight. While draining, these are the sort of boom phases that sustain a great deal of professional freelance writers for years to come.

Saturday at Chow Chocolat was a tremendous success. JR Finlayson, poet/comedian Josh Smith and yours truly had a boffo turn as the Monsters Of Verse downtown in the heart of the city on Main Street, sucked down some coffee that was damned near perfect, and made some new friends in the creative community. Thanks to Scott (owner), Josh Gage & Vince Barone (The Manipulators) for hosting their weekly open mic and giving us what essentially boiled down to free rein, and the random cast of characters that showed up for the open mic collective that used to be a hell of a lot more commonplace around these parts before the landscape of our economy and our culture changed. A great deal of the evening was recorded for pod cast conclusion and I’ll be dropping the show off over at Think Twice some time this week for the Monsters Of Verse project site.

Something else very strange happened this weekend: two near-completed books surfaced! Graphic designer Ian Chrystal sent the best cover for any book I’ve released thus far and Victoria Robinson drove the point home with an interior that’s about 99% complete for Slapstick & Superego. You can get a sneak peek at book 8’s cover if you’d like to pop over and visit either my Facebook or Myspace profile site where this marvel of modern design rests comfortably and beautifully on the default profile pic. Keeping things fresh and using a rotating team for Doubt It Publishing appears to be working for a new company philosophy and I couldn’t be happier with Vicki and Ian’s commitment to perfection and their work ethic that led to bringing the project in WELL AHEAD of schedule some two months sooner than we all originally planned. This will only benefit you, the book buyer, as spring and summer unfold. How, you may ask? Whelp, I’m not going to tell you that yet, so deal with it.

And after reading out for the first time in awhile with the Monsters Of Verse, I revisited the file folder for Poke The Scorpion With A Sharp Stick, scrapped the original manuscript and began re-assembling the key poems from scratch. After two long dusk sessions throughout the night, 100 pages are complete and I’m thinking about moving forward in the fall with a smaller book than I originally intended. Long-time fans of the site are no doubt familiar with the interactive process for each book where you’re allowed to pitch in your two cents and contribute to the preproduction of each collection via a floating test panel and I’ll be doing that with both new books in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and prepare to deliver your opinions when the time is ready.

Today (Sunday, as I write this), co-host Diabetes Dave and myself were bowled away in the studio for Episode 35 of Big Words Radio with adult film star Sara Jay. She was bright, funny, engaging, titillating and entertaining all rolled into one. Sara and Alexis have broken the stereotype and proved twice over that porn actors are far from vacuous bubbleheads who wouldn’t know their alphabet if it was in a bowl of soup in front of them. A big round of thanks are in order to Sara Jay for rendering myself and my co-host dumbstruck with a certain performance that’s NEVER been done on Think Twice Radio before and to Diabetes Dave for batting on deck as a tasteful co-host after the original two co-hosts were unable to appear. Don’t waste another moment! Read the rest of the Monday Update and click your ass over to Big Words I Know By Heart on


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