Quixote Wednesday Update: Mitchell’s Tavern Aftermath

June 3, 2009

In the wake of what happened at Mitchell’s Tavern last Friday, Lindsay, Mike and myself are angry and amazed at the direction this debacle is taking. 
     Mike went to the hospital directly after the fight to make sure that nothing was seriously wrong.  He wound up with a black eye and two bruised ribs that the doctor told him were dangerously close to being broken.  The next day, he found out that he’s going to have to go to a Town Of Tonawanda Court date on June 20th because the moron who started this mess (Kenneth) is charging him with larceny.  A few thoughts on that now that Lindsay and I have had a few days to think about what happened at Mitchell’s:
     1)  They had an external security camera at Mitchell’s trained on their only parking lot.  Even with poor resolution, it should be pretty easy to see when this kid’s wallet fell out and when Mike found it.
     2)  Lindsay pointed out that Kenneth was one of a group of kids drinking outside before the incident playing a game of ‘can-jammers’, a hybrid frisbee game.  Odds are overwhelmingly strong that his money clip fell out of his pocket during the game and why this didn’t occur to him before he got his blood up is beyond me.   
     3)  The amount of money Kenneth claimed was missing varied between his argument with Mike, what he told the Tonawanda Police and what was written on the report.  While he was in the bar, he was shouting to anyone who’d listen that he lost $400.  In the police report, he told the officers logging the incident that he had $300.  Again, why would anyone carry that much money around with them and what sort of person usually carries that kind of money around with them?   I highly doubt he had that much in his money clip, but if he did, what does that say about his chosen profession?
     4)  One of the spectators who watched the fight was either a bartender at Mitchell’s or a really comfortable regular, because I went for a drink order and this girl (who was standing at the lip of the bar just next to the kitchen) walked behind the bar and got my drinks for me.  Instead of alerting the owner about an escalating situation from where she was standing when Kenneth started flipping out, she followed him outside to watch the action.  
     5)  Mike was inside with Lindsay, myself and another friend the entire evening.  The only time he went outside was when he checked his phone message and the only reason he left the bar was because it was too loud and crowded to hear it indoors.  
     I’m really interested to find out how Mike’s court appearance turns out.  If I were him, I’d charge this yo-yo with assault.  I can’t fathom that there would be a judge in the county who’d side with someone who chose to resolve a good Samaritan situation with their fists instead of taking the time to think about what happened, or how he lost his money in the first place. 
     Everyone who’s read the story so far from friends to other bar owners to members of the media are outraged at the situation, the bar, and the corroding state of civility in our city.  The general consensus remains that someone at Mitchell’s should have stopped the situation before it got out of control. 
     Next Wednesday, I’ll be posting the actual review draft for Mitchell’s Tavern that the News won’t be running because they didn’t want to send one of their photographers into a potentially hostile environment.  If anything else develops, I’ll be sure to make mention of that, too.

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