Voices From The Herd gets a comprehensive write-up in The Buffalo News’ Artsbeat Blog

July 25, 2010

     In what we hope is the first of many critiques on the anthology, R.D. Pohl (the News’ Poetry Editor) gave Voices From The Herd an extensive review on the anthology in The Buffalo News’ Artsbeat blog along with praise for individual pieces from the book, relief over the lack of long-winded introduction, it’s status among other recent Buffalo releases and anthologies, and a quizzical look at the nature of the project itself.

     In response to the lack of African American or Latino voices in the book, unfortunately, the three of us didn’t receive any black or hispanic submissions. While they would have been welcome (and certainly would have added to the well-rounded melting pot of backgrounds and history of Buffalo), we chose to move forward with publishing the book after posting a call for submissions multiple times on numerous web sites as well as in most of Buffalo’s print publications. A sincere thanks goes out to Mr. Pohl for taking the time to give notice and mostly positive praise for Voices From The Herd. To read the July 24th review, just follow the link: http://blogs.buffalonews.com/artsbeat/2010/07/is-there-a-herd-mentality-in-the-new-buffalo-anthology.html

Cheers, Tom Waters

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