A Quote To Consider This Weekend

March 25, 2011

‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity.’

I understood that rule by the time I was 20.  Others spend the rest of their lives trying to wrap their brains around it.  Two people recently threatened me with promises of character assassination, bad press and a barrage of insults.  Their knee-jerk responses were a gross over-reaction to be sure, but they obviously don’t have a firm grasp of publicity.  There’s no such thing as bad publicity, comprende?  My only rebuttal to whatever childish, unfunny dick and fart jokes they can manage to muster up by the end of this weekend is: have at it.  I won’t be baited, threatened or leaned upon.  I don’t negotiate with morons.  The smart thing to do on their part would’ve been silence, but again, that would’ve been the smart move.  Drop my name a million times.  Thanks for the promotional consideration in advance.


Tom Waters

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