About The Author

     Author and essayist Tom Waters has been writing since the age of 13, when an English teacher encouraged him to continue writing journal entries and poems. After editing and contributing to his high school paper, Waters went on to write for The Buffalo State Record. After leaving college, he freelanced for The Buffalo News, ArtVoice, Buffalo Spree, Night Life Magazine, Acid Logic, Film Fax, Alt, Buffalo Beat, Boy’s Night Out, World Wide Freelancer, Metromania Magazine, The Circle, Buffalo Rising, and Dream Forge.
     From 2000-2010 he wrote eleven books and co-edited a non-profit anthology (Voices From The Herd: An Anthology For Buffalo, NY) with authors Alycia Ripley and Cindy Mantai. To date, he has published ten books ranging from humorous rants and essays (Born Pissed, Zany Hijinx, First Person Last Straw, If They Can’t Take A Joke, Slapstick & Superego and Mockery), conventional and modern poetry (Breathing Room Volume I: Free Verse, Breathing Room Volume II: Rhymes & Relics and Poke The Scorpion With A Sharp Stick) and Hunter S. Thompson-esque bar reviews (Clean Up After Me, I’m Irish: A Cheap Degenerate’s Guide To Buffalo Bars). In 2013, after devoting three years to writing, proof-reading and editing the manuscript, Waters released his autobiography (entitled Icarus On The Mend: Memoirs Of A Manic Depressive) in a limited print run hardcover format of only 50 copies.
     From 2002-2005, Waters was a frequent celebrity interviewer for ArtVoice, conducting and transcribing over three dozen interviews with Bret Easton Ellis, Mike Carey, Brian K. Vaughn, Lloyd Kauffman and many others). From 2000-2010, Waters wrote exotic club reviews, bar reviews, interviews and a weekly column (Big Words I Know By Heart) for Night Life Magazine.   From 2007-2012, he wrote bar and club reviews for The Buffalo News’ ‘Club Watch’ section, favoring corner taverns, pubs and bars over flashy downtown ‘it’ spots. In 2008, he agreed to host a one hour comedy show (‘The Big Words I Know By Heart Radio Hour’), which rapidly gained a cult fan base on iTunes as well as the web.
     In 2008, Waters (along with poets J.R. Finlayson and Carrie Spadter) formed The Monsters Of Verse, a trio of touring poets with diverse voices who performed their spoken word at festivals, book fairs, conventions and clubs.  Shortly thereafter, Spadter left the group and the remaining two poets recruited Guest Monsters (a rotating poet, writer or cartoonist for their scheduled events) until April of 2009 where their journey concluded with poet Christina Wos Donnnelly at The Center For Inquiry where they were Just Buffalo Literary Center’s Featured Readers.
     Waters also founded Doubt It Publishing in 2008, a publishing house devoted to showcasing promising Buffalo writers.  In 2010 Doubt It Publishing released Voices From The Herd, a not-for-profit anthology written for and by Buffalonians.  In 2011, Doubt It released Random Thoughts From A Broken Mind, the collected rants of Mark McElligott.
     In 2014, Waters (along with producer Richard Wicka) took ‘Big Words I Know By Heart’ to Youtube and Time Warner Cable with a new visual format, an even more aggressive comedic approach, a focus on local talent and a whole new slew of ‘webisodes’.  Each show is complemented with bonus segments (also known as Big Words Video 1.5, 2.5, etc).  Since its inception, the show has attracted a cavalcade of talented Buffalo artists, actors, writers and directors as well as a rabid following.
     The author lives in Williamsville (a suburb outside of Buffalo), New York with his son Benjamin.
You can follow Tom on Twitter as well as Instagram @tomfoolery444

Those interested in contacting the author may do so by emailing Tom at: ‘bigwordsmailbag@yahoo.com’.

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