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Why I’ll Never Order From Ronny’s Pizza In Lancaster Again….

May 12, 2008

Perhaps you’d find this post petty and inconsequential, but then again, I love a good feud.  When Lindsay and I moved to Lancaster three years ago, I went on a quest to find the best pizza and wings in Lancaster, and I failed time and again.  After growing up in Clarence, I was spoiled.  They can’t make a decent pie and an order of wings out here to save their lives.  Believe me, I’ve tried them all.  I went through a decathlon of local shops and they all failed the test.  I tried Rocko’s, Rivas, Picasso’s, Penora’s, you name it, and they all failed with flying colors.  For a few months, we started getting wings from Ronnie’s on Como Park and Aurora.  The wings were inconsistent, and they messed up the order half of the time but they were the best I could get out here.  Their sauce never cut it but I got by with a bottle of Red Devil hot sauce for a seasoner and/or a home brew from Rich, my future brother in law.  I have a near-fanatical love for wings and all I ask for is consistency.  When we got our apartment and started having parties to invite friends over, we ordered two buckets of wings from Ronnie’s.  We set a time for the order and Lindsay showed up five minutes early.  One of the guys behind the counter chewed her out for showing up before the designated time.  That pissed me off.  We went two years without ordering food from them again.  Six months ago, I decided to give them a second chance and the wings were fantastic.  A week later when I ordered again for guy’s night, not so good.  Over the course of the last four months, Ron and myself have been ordering wings from there.  Every time I order and they give me a set time over the phone, it’s ten to fifteen minutes over the time they predict.  Two weeks ago, I placed an order and picked up a double of wings.  At least that’s what I paid for.  When I got home, I found out that they shorted me by five wings.  Now in my old age, it takes a lot to push me over the edge, so I called and calmly and politely explained that I ordered and paid for a double of wings and got fifteen instead.  The manager (or whoever it was on the phone) apologized, took my home address, and assured me that ‘the owner’ would ‘send me something’ in the mail.  It’s been three weeks now and I don’t think that the mail is that slow.  Henceforth, I’m finished with Ronnie’s.  I ordered a triple of wings from Johnny J’s across the street today and they were phenomenal and reasonably priced.  Do me (and yourself) a favor and boycott Ronnie’s in Lancaster.  If the owner (or owner’s) still spend any time at their pizzeria, they obviously coudn’t care less about regular business.  I regret that I gave them a nod in my My View column and I recant what I said about getting wings from them every week.  In a town flooded with pizzeria’s, quality with every order means something.  Ronnie’s failed every single time with me.  Don’t order any food from them.  Do yourself a favor.  Slap me in the face once, shame on me.  Slap me in the face twice, shame on you.  Slap me a third time and I’ll make it my life’s endeavor to bad mouth you.  If you live in Lancaster, don’t order any food from Ronnie’s.  Ever.  I won’t spend a penny at your shop again.  Great job at following up on cordial customer complaints, you worthless fucks.  I take back what I said in the My View column.  Have I made my point?  I hope so.  If anyone in Lancaster can learn how to make a decent pie and a bucket of wings, please let me know.  In the mean time, I’ll be ordering my wings from Johhny J’s and seasoning them with aftermarket sauce.  Yours,

Tom Waters

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