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Quixote Wednesday Update! A Word From Michael Bly Regarding the Mitchell’s Tavern Fiasco…

June 18, 2009

It’s ridiculous man! I deal with it as much as you do playin at shithole bars like this every week. Fortunately my business has done well enough that I can usually avoid the real hardcore dives like this but it really makes me sad about my hometown. I place I laud everywhere else I’ve been or live – even an amazing city like NYC when it was next to impossible to get anyone to believe anything good about a place like Buffalo.

I hate to say it but this kind of behavior from all involved has become far more common than when I lived here over ten years ago before moving to NYC originally. You can blame part of it on the economy – for people like this guy surely are not doing well and looking to make excuses for why they have no money and take out their frustration on some poor, unsuspecting person like Mike that just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and, of all ironies, tryin to help!

But I say its gotta go deeper than that. Is it the parents? Is it the town leaders that have taken us into a deeper depression state with a bad choice in almost every crucial decision in the last 50 years?

Or, and I hate to sound so much like the republican I’m not, but is it just time to say that there is no personal responsibility left in a place like this? Not on the part of the guy who clearly either didn’t have the 400 in the first place or had it and spent it at the first few bars he was at then forgot he did just like he forgot he left the stupid clip in the parking lot. Not on the part of the patrons who instead of being out to celebrate a new promotion or a good week at the office with some co-workers or ANYTHING positive are far more likely going out to get so drunk they can forget about their multitude of mounting problems by spending the last money they have and then, no surprise after adding depressants to the already depressed, they end up miserable and ready to fight or encourage one. More than ready to blame an innocent bystander like Mike just so they can blame someone other than themselves for the miserable state they’re in!

And certainly not on the bartendar who either knew the guy and was protecting a regular, was genuinely clueless as to the whole event or hired bartendars that couldn’t recognize and deal with a problem patron.

In the end, the industry polices itself. As Patrick Swayze’s character said in ROADHOUSE; “Good people who really wanna have a good time won’t come to a slughterhouse.” It was true 25 years ago when that movie came out and it will always be true. My guess there wasn’t one person in the place of either gender that you would really wanna take home to mom and probably not a patron there with more than a bachelor’s degree or makin over $50,000/yr either. That may sound snobish and it’s by no means the only demographics to consider when analyzing a bar crowd but facts are facts and certain things like upbringing, education and income level undoubtedly make certain behavior more likely. Like Bob Dylan once said; “When ya got nothin, ya got nothin ta lose.” In my opinion it is alcohol combined with this state of being, more than any other factor, that leads to bar fights.

The obvious answer is to avoid like poor excuses for a bar like this – hate to say it but if I’ve never even heard of the place and I’m in the business its hard to imagine they’re runnin that great a business – but the greater challenge is avoiding places like this in a place like Buffalo where this bar is no longer the exception but indeed becoming the rule….

Disenheartened with my home,

Michael Bly

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